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Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Great Escape

Get out of my head, I can sense you prodding and shuffling away 
Turning boxes and their content's hold, upside down, get out of my head 

Tell me what is it that you are looking for so desperate 
Invading where you have not been invited, get out of my head 

All it was, was a brief encounter, echoes of the winds with whispers  
Ghostly roaming aimlessly that blew with the dessert storm passing 

To have you penetrate my ear drum, a parasite of thought to ponder 
Get out of my head, I can sense you corroding my values 

Infringing my borders, blinding my way, with diverted signals 
Signs you place, to disorientate my path, get out of my head 

You see, I am friends with Buddha bless, he helped me clear my ear wax 
I am at one with myself now, and so free like a bird, get out of my head


  1. Ah! The struggle to contain an unwelcome thought is intensely described in your poem. Even we have often felt what you are feeling now. Sometimes a thought comes almost unnoticed and turns our minds topsy-turvy. The idea really works and the refrain, 'Get out of my head', really resonates with me.

  2. Beautiful. I love this, the thoughts intruding, the peace you are hanging onto. Wonderful poem, kiddo! Thanks.

  3. Thanks!



  4. I like the repetition of "Get out of my head." I think we all relate to that sometimes.



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