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Friday, 16 March 2012

Repetition is a skill

Repetition is the better use of the word 
A phrase in time, in time, at a time and again 
For effect, at a time, at a time, ask Andy Warhol 

Patterns, being that, saying that 
Knowing that, as it stands that 
Recycled at a time, each time, in time 

And nature does not opt out of this excitement 
With leaves, and flowers repeated in sequence 
With zebras, and giraffe, tigers and crocks  

Cliche is a posh word with snobbish nose 
On steroids of hippocracy  
Seeping tea, in china cups, "whatever!"

One may say, one may do, one may say 
Does one know, that one may say 
Indeed one may say, "merci"

For enlightenment, of this much, as much, for much 
Use of the word this much as one may use
Indeed one may say, repetition is the mother of skill 

As in being that repetitive is a better use of 
A word, a phrase, a line or two at a time, and again 
It works in poetry one may say, why not if it works well 

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