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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Life: Illusion of slow

Life is like a fast train, with illusions of slow  
Suspended reality, moving each time, pace on tracks  
Mount on junction stops of occasion, at a time "journey

Stop signs missed, while in depth with obstruction  
A book, an iPhone, an iPad, a walk-man  
Something else, to keep one occupied 

Where dismount is not made, missed  
On nonstop junctions, passed  by
Thus otherwise engaged, on "do not disturb"  

One could easily be forgiven, with illusion of time  
For thinking such marks, spots of stops   
Has not been reached yet "are we there yet".  

Life is a rain storm out at sea  
Void of hurricanes, with visual effect, means few see
Its impact on cause, awaiting floods "katrina"

Slowly claiming low lying lands, like raising tied 
Until such time, when such lands, fall beneath sea levels 
No one sees that, life is an illusion of  slow, "fast impacting"   

Life is like a fast train with illusions of slow 
Age mounts, marks a calender, one at a time 
Events, tick boxes on occasion at a time "we observe"  

Until such time, on look back memories
When acts, seems so far back, in time and all look aged 
Life is like a fast train with illusions of slow "flash with time"


  1. looking back from well past 50, life is a fast train indeed... good read!

  2. full of twists and turns

    life is a fast train with illusions of slow, until you hit 60 years, then it is no illusion, life is fast.

    i enjoyed your work, great job.

  3. Wowzers, that last line is absolutely perfect - life is like a fast train with illusion of slow. Is it ever! You wouldnt believe how fast it seems at my age!

  4. Maybe some lives are quick little spouts of trail, until we find the one that we are truly here to fulfill. Or maybe we are simply passengers taking a tour. Some say it is all just a dream. Who knows?

  5. Life is like a fast train with illusions of slow----> what strong words they are...
    Love it so... I will quote it for my FB status update :)

  6. A good read and life does move like a fast train stopping for no one .. :)


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