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Sunday, 25 March 2012

To smile back

In my hands in mirrors hold 
In my eyes reflection of life 
In my heart of joy to have  

In each eye corner stack, a twinkle 
I smile so dear, my heart so warm 
The spread so far and blemish spots 

Oh, but I like that which I see 
I so do, to you in the mirror 
Dear you, to love you back 

I love you back, I love you back 
For being just you to smile back 
Mirror mirror in my hands I love you back


  1. Acceptance of one's self is a wonderful thing!

  2. We all need to love ourselves...

  3. I like the thought of a twinkle in each ’eye corner'!

  4. It's good to be able to smile at ourselves.

  5. nice one Kodjo...thanks for sharing

  6. Ah what a warm relationship!!

  7. Cool...that's the way it is to be.

  8. 'being just you'... is what really matters!
    Lovely write

  9. There is a simple whimsical beauty in the acceptance conveyed here Kodjo
    Hope all is well


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