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Sunday, 4 March 2012

SOHCATOA to Resolve Sum of all Fear

What is the sum of all fear, with measures unknown 
Negative notions adjacent spread around length of distance 
Like an infection on positive thoughts 

I had a dream that one day, opposite of the now 
That one day equations would be solved, but not too soon  
Rains rain doubt on my parade, with missing hypotenuse 

What is the sin of the sum of all fear 
Ask the cynic sat next, with hovering eyes whispering 
What do they have that weighs their luggage so strong   

Hold on, what is the sum of all fear to cos 
Hold on, as equations stands given as tan(gible)
Trigonometry on angles unknown 

So I was told to look out of the box and watch 
Some Old Hag Cracked  All Her Teeth On Apples  
As solutions to resolve conundrums SOHCAHTOA 

What is the sum of all fear, in questions asked 
Absent on my visible radar, when I look into oblivion 
I am known to be that type, optimistic and in luck not to bother 


  1. Awesomeness!!
    Reading this first thing in the morning, today is bound to be a good day


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