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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Private Access: Blue Sky

The sky is blue and bright 
With dotted clouds around as spectrum  
Every where you stand to look 

The sky is blue and bright 
On the five continents 
And the scattered islands on earth 

On the highest mountains peak 
And the lowest valleys  on earth 
The sky is blue and bright 

The sky is blue and bright 
And man has not yet found ways 
To price such beauty to restrict access 

Like private parks with locked up gates 
In Belgrave Square, in London town 
Where still the sky is blue and bright 

Surrounded by ironic Embassies 
Who plot their flags as representatives 
And share fobs with the elite in private parks 

Where the commoner is kept at bay  
The sky is blue and bright 
Anywhere on earth you stand to look

Man has not yet found ways and measures 
A strategy defined to segregate such privilege 
So anywhere on earth you stand the sky is blue 


  1. Except on a day like today, when the clouds are grey and blanketing the blue!

  2. Lovely poem. Here ... in the Netherlands we have a great blue sky right on this moment.

  3. I love the emphasis on the sky is blue and bright...indeed it is.

  4. I never tire of looking up into the sky.

  5. Such Sadean lightness and brightness !

  6. So true, anywhere you stand, the sky is always blue.

  7. And it is a good thing they have not figured out how to charge us for looking at the sky. But here in California the sky is bright and blue as long as it is not a smoggy day. Which there are less and less days of smog compared to years ago. We are now lucky to enjoy such a beautiful sky.

    Thanks for playing with this weeks Spectrum Theme Thursday. It is much appreciated and hope to see you next week.

    God bless.

  8. Yes, it is. Though sometimes we can't see it as such. Yet, it's always good to remember that it is "blue and bright"


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