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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Perfection of Art

An artist would never call a master piece perfect 
Guess that is why death adds  more value 
For the biggest critique is finally put to rest 

Much in a rush to hang or publish, I am not done yet 
Hold on, a little tweak here said Brown Ford Madox 
A little tweak there, a little, a little, a little more for the "Hayfield" 

And with each time seen in new light 
A little more, a little more, tweak here 
Have a little tweak there 

How can one call this a masterpiece 
Oh no, no, no, no, a little tweak here is needed indeed
A' w'h each time, in new light, a little more, a little more

Guess that is why, death adds more value 
With the put down to rest of the biggest critique 
A little more here, a little more tweak, tweak, tweak

He haunts the work, each time in new light
Adjusting verses, ryhmes and brush strokes
To tweak, tweak to perfection, old Ford Brown does

Painting by Ford Madox Brown

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