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Saturday, 6 March 2010

53 Years to this day, Home coming

53 Years to this day..
Home coming..
Agoo ..
Cock crows..
Boots worn..
Ready to be marched in...
Big 6, six march..

On this day..
We stand to proclaim..
That in our name, ..
For those before...
And for those that come..
After ..

That this day will be known..
As the day of marches..
Movements moved, steps taken..
Forward movements..
Is yours forever..
But not until you set your minds free..

Stages set for new battles..
So we march on..
53 years to this day..

We still stand..
Still on battle grounds...
Battles fought, battles won..
Battle lost..
53 years to this day..

Lines drawn, sides taken..
Parties formed, ..
Elections, and funny moments..
Chale and near funnier moments..
53years to this day..

As we are...
As we always will be..
53 years to this day..
No tribes, language ..
Skin colour to define a nation..
For on the stage no tribe stood higher..
Than the other..
53years to this day..

There is nothing..
More defining about..

Being a Ghanaian than loving the flag...

To Egptian First Ladies..

Asante, Akyem, Brong Ewe, Fante,..
Dagomba, Dangme, Dagarte, Dagaba..
Ga, Akuapem, Nzima..
53years to this day...

To the Scottish Fathers...
American Mothers..
Nigerian Fathers..
Zambian Mothers..
Germany sisters ...
Lebanese brothers..
Half English daughters..
And many more in-between...
53 years to this day ...

Akwaaba Weazon...
Eat, make merry,..
Make memory..
Mary cooked some food..
Dance, sing..
53 years to this day..
It's Home coming..
Happy Independence..
To you Ayekoo...

1 comment:

  1. Excellent piece bruv..Reppin GH to the fullest!!!Happy Independence Day 2 u!!


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