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Sunday, 14 March 2010

On A Mothering Sunday

What's good Mothering Monalisa...
Your smile radiates..
Shimmering ecstasy of oscillation journeyed..

Through the oceans and beyond..

Through static time to my door..
With greetings of tenderness and of loving..

For on the ninth month..
You gave me life from your womb..
Onto this here earth I grace..

You milked me and gave me strength..
With the sweet delicacy of your bosom..
You mothered me and nursed my wounds..

You gave me confidence..
And called me your Hero..
You told me the stars..
Were the first rest stops on my journey..

With you I know an unbreakable love..
The joy I see with the smile on your face..
Brings me happiness; my plugged in, source of strength...
Hope you have a wonderful day..

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