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Monday, 8 March 2010

Finding a good spot to Rest

We live to breathe..
Another day..
We breathe..
For those no longer here..

We carry ..

In hearts their  joyful memory,..
We laugh and cry...
In loving memory..

We love with joy so wondrous ..
For a colourful persona 

A character, so loving..

Oh, what a character 
To be lost from this world..

We light a candle...
In your name, ..
We say our farewells..
To your Soul..

Till we meet again, friend..
We live and breathe, another day,..
We breathe breaths living..
With your joyous memories...

Find a good spot..

Oh chap, fellow, oh mate
And Rest in Peace..
Till we meet again..

We live and breathe..
In loving memory..

We live and breathe 
Another day 

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