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Thursday, 11 March 2010


I am, I am..
I am yet undefined ..
The earth cracks bellow..
My strength I pull..

I am the shadows..
Of Christopher Colombo..
Yet to discover t' new world..
From old..

I am with faults..
Too many to mention..

I am t' best song on t' play list..
Only one with skips in its plays ..

I am loved, lurved,..
Hated and very dearly missed..

I am t' sun, fighting of t' nothingness..

Of the universe, I bring you life
Yet I leave burns on skins;

Skin cancer, Sorry!..

I am t' hope for all things positive..
Yet negativity,..

Hangs on my shoulders..

I am t' phoenix seed..
Fruits rotten in ashes..

Comes before me..

I am just human..
Weights of my positives a' negatives..
Define my equilibrium..
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  1. 很精彩的部落格 期待你的繼續加油........................................

  2. Oh this is very cool.....all the facts and foibles and complexities of being human. So well done!

  3. You are of everything, indeed. Lovely!

  4. Balance is everything. Nice piece, Kodjo.

  5. Shrug those shoulders! Great piece.

  6. I agree, the balance was wonderful! Refreshing and honest~

  7. Love your beautiful honesty Kodjo! :-)

  8. You have defined balance - the pos and negs of humanity. Well done!

  9. very nicely done. love how you explore all the contradictions of being human. the the title undefined....I'd like to think that there is simple still much in life that is yet unwritten; and we can illuminate the remaining pages ourselves.


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