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Friday, 12 March 2010

A Case To Be Made

A Case to be made..
A course to fight ..
A reason to live, ..
A sweat for convictions..

In ready-ment ..
For deployment..
Redeployments in walk..

On shoes that walk on path ways..
Of Mandelas, Gandhis,
King Luthers n...
Ernesto Che Guevaras...

A rebel in the making..
A stand against establishments..

An Anarchist..

A hippie ..
A hero..
In revolution, devolution,  to evolutions..

An empowerment..
Of a dream..
A light to follow...

A legend in names..
Immortality of a legacy...

A sculpture of embodiment.. 

Was I born to lead...
Leading on a course, 
In belief..

To be fought for, or to follow..
Following in  the shadows of another..
Who am I to be..

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