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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Rain Drops

Rain drops on my forehead,..
Showering me down ..
With heavens grace,..
Felt physical blessing..
Like John t' Baptist working..

Heavens doors opened..
A two way connection formed...
My wetness from the rain...
Washes my souls dirtiness..

Still it rains, on my window...
A need for it provided...
By my very nature as human..

Still it rains, rains..
Rain drops on my forehead..
Rainbows to follow after..


  1. Ah, the rainbows make it worthwhile.

  2. Nice usage of icon words!

  3. nice magpie, i like how rain is a healer for our souls.

  4. I love the regenerative power of water. Beautiful.

  5. Powerful reminder of our humanness... and the need to rinse our souls every now and then.

  6. What beauty rain is...a blessing to often taken for granted....nice love affair with it here....sorry i have not been around more lately...my husband has been ill...but thank you for your stops in...bkm

  7. Good lead-up, love the finish line.


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