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Saturday, 13 March 2010

The Veggie Issue

I am willing to eat, but
Why can't I just eat a cow..
And have my greens,..
When t' cow does all t' green eating,..

Why can't I eat a rabbit..
And have a carrot..
When t' rabbit does all t' carroting..

What would a brother have to do,..
Why can't I delegate..
To t' animal farm..
My greens and peas..

Beans I like..
But I would have to be excused..
And leave t' room after, before the before..
For t' sake of good manners,..

Pop goes the weasel

I am just caught unaware..

With a cough and a sneeze..
Then oops, pop goes the weasel..

Are eggs for veggie foods..
I see no flesh on them..
Aha, aaah but oops,

Again pop goes t' weasel..

The cow's weasel,..
Is harmful to the ozone..
Or so I am told..
I wonder if ours is t' same..
Oops, pop goes the weasel

And for the plate of greens..
Hmmmm, pop goes the weasel..
I do like  my greens...

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