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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The "Animal Farm"

Selfish bas***ds,...

Bast***dly "Napoleons" ...
Torturing fortunes of generations..
Awaiting their turn, on turn tables..

The King's announcers said,..
Said there were no more wars
No more causes to fight for..

Fighting t' civil rights 
And cold war..was over;..
T' battles has been won..

Hurray, hurrah, hurray..

So "Snowball"..
Was exiled ..

In excitement we went to town..
Like "Napoleons" with greed,..

Greedly torturing fortunes..
Fortunes, of generations..

Awaiting their turn;..
Selfish Bas***ds..

I will not blame
My blip, blip..
Tourettes for my "french"..
Fat b*****ds..on animal farms..

Gorging fortunes 
Like pigs starved for days 
No wonder no wonder 
Oh George Orwell 

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