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Thursday, 25 March 2010

I Lost One

When finally..
I set sail on flight's path..
The winds beneath my wings..
My pain of old one-two..
Of today's rain on me feathers..

Sting will be nothing more than..
The memory a mother has of labor..
Between the last big breath..
And last big push,..
Come on! one more push..

To the aftermath of now...
And now, in the now, now of fortunes..
In some ways, I miss the struggle..

Back then, there was a cause to fight..
Respect given, not for the wealth in riches..
Rather in zeal, passion, yea in vim..

I gained one, won one, ...
But seriously, I lost one..
The last one..

Knowing now..
Before, the had I known..

This is, the just in time, ..
Saved by the last bell;..
I saved the last one,..
Just in time..

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