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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Creepy Crawly On My Wall


On the wall..
Slowly crawling..
Down my wall..
Staring and looking down at me ..

Creepy crawly crawling down..

Down down, in ghostly steps..

Creepy crawly lifts it's head up..
Up, up and nods..

Creepy crawly
Says to me..

Paw, paw !..

On your case, I am today!!..

A' on your wall 

I am crawling down,

Down, down whoo ow..
Creepy crawly, getting closer
And under my bed sheet,

 I go on shiver..

When I looked and looked again
Turned out, creepy crawly
Was just a flicker

Flickering on my lamp's 

Shade of shadow
Shadowing down on my wall

Not funny you know..
Not funny at all I say!!..
Creepy crawly on my wall..


  1. Kodjo,

    Really good stuff, playful and humorous. I have a few creepy crawlies of my own. Your comp. screen is reflecting in your eyeglasses. Can't see your eyes. Set camera angle slightly to side so it doesn't reflect. Good work! -Scott Reid

  2. Scary when they start approaching one's bed! Loved this.

  3. This was slowly, scary good! Love it :D

  4. creepy indeed... i can feel it crawling down my skin... well done!


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