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Monday, 15 March 2010

Analyse This

What do you call de ja vu..
When your memory connects..
The dots after the fact ..
Has been acted,..

Not like in t' process of the act,..
Like after the before into the now,..
Past the act in the now, now tense..
As in present past,..
Or is it past, past participle...

Not trying to confuse..
The confused minds...
Shake it off..
Thee, Thy, Thou..
I am no Shakespeare..

The subject matter still is
De ja vu!.. "after the fact"..

Cracking the da vinci code..
Is taking its toll ...
On the mind set,..

The conundrum is still unresolved..
Still awaiting your answer...

What do you call de ja vu, class!

Not in seeing, but in sat thinking 
Did I not just think of that
That, was in memories loss
Or is it, just de ja vu

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