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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Time Out!!

This has been one of worry..
This has been of  desperate despair..
This has been wrapped ..
In cottons of frustration..

Awaiting fortunes 
To open it's door;..
Be opened already!..

And for each day..
Time journeyed past..
So fast, well fast, past..
Time flies fast!!..

On this day, time out, I say!..
The sun is out on daylight breeze ..
The rabbit runs across, trendy trimmed up grass..
The birds makes nests, with twigs and weed, in trees..
The squirrel hunts nuts, in nutshells all day..

And I pick a beautiful Orkids..
To give to a beautiful lady..
And we sit on St. Andrews park ..
Chit chatting all day with friends..
On this day, time out I say..

To make way, for sightful eyes..
The sun is out in daylight sky..
And leisure in pleasure..
Is mine to enjoy..
On this day, time out I say!!..


  1. Your poetry skills are really growing! Enjoyed this one, keep up the good work.. I have been checking out your blog when I get the chance.. Take care buddy!

  2. Time out indeed! We all need that on occasion. Nice work, Kodjo!

  3. A wonderfully evocative piece about the need to simply 'be' sometimes and just enjoy the day. I love the sense of rhythm that unfolds throughout it...:)

  4. It is always good to have time out just for leisure!

  5. "To make way, for sightful eyes..
    The sun is out in daylight sky..
    And leisure in pleasure.." I love these lines the thought of refreshing the soul~ Well Done!

  6. nice park time there!
    You do embrace your surroundings.

  7. We are always in such a rush to get through life that we forget to slow down, relax. take a few moments for ourselves and enjoy the beauty all around us.

    A fine piece from you, Kodjo!


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