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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Be in green,..
Be caught without green..
Be pinched all day ..

Green green little men,..
Leprechauns with pots of gold..
Three wishes on offer to have;..

Green green huts to be worn ..
Red beard or white beard..
Juggy glasses with green beers..
Guinness as exception to t' rules of green..

Smash jugs to break green beers..
Shamrock for symbols..

Symbols as symbols, celebration as symbols 

Be in green,..
Be caught without green..
Be pinched all day ..

On this day, Irish to become..
A reason for celebrations; ..
In Irish step dance, river dance 

We  dance..
Break glasses, m
ake merry
And shamrock is held for symbols..

Be in green as green 

St. Patrick the shepherd..
Flocks of Irish  all in green ..

Shamrock, beers
And Leprechauns..in trinity

All in symbols celebrated in Irish

Be in green
Be caught without green..
Be pinched all day..

Happy St. Patrick's day !!


  1. I just learned today about "the being pinched if your not wearing green"...and I'm over 40. Where have I been all these years??? Better go put some green on now.

  2. Your leprechaun looks like Elton John without his face lift!

  3. Oh what a great photo and poem to celebrate!


  4. Great poem, and I also found just out about the pinching.

  5. I'm part Irish; I hate the pinching part!


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