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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Saturday Night, After The Before

Options; ..
On Edges, Verges, Cliff Hangers,..
In quick sand, beer goggles,..
Blurry speech..
That means its Saturday night..
After the before in the now..
And you drunk,..

Free cab drive and hotel rooms..
Till the morning break,..
Am I being booked?..
Watch it, Mr Officer!..
I know my rights...

Get walking sleeps on pavements,..
Caught on camera by Google map..
Make a run for it out of the cab,..
Pray the driver is no ..
Usain Bolt ..

Pay, pay double pay the cab fair..
Just to get home,..
Just coz to the cab driver..
“You drunken fool, ..
Don’t puke in my cab”..

Optionless, Dead ends..

Running out of Options,..

I will not drink again,..
Promises only lasting for the week,..
Options..lol jokes..

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