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Monday, 8 March 2010

Whisker of winds, In passing Memory

The wind that passed by..
Without a sound,..
He left no notice..
To announce his going, gone..

This day as usual before..
As the day before, year 2001...

On Brunel stands, posed
Sat on Ferraris, picture perfect
Oh what fun it was, in memories reminisce 

He sends no notice, farewell..
To love ones, kisses and cries..
Goodbyes; you will be missed..
If only I knew you will, did be gone...

Then came this day...
Casually they spoke of the passing..
The shock painted on my face..
As Edward Munch did of The Scream..

He was long gone, in ghostly passage..
And the coffin is only with Skeletons..
Of what vibrant life there once was..

A chance whisker of wind ..
That shook the tree branch..
As your name got mentioned in passing..
Brought you alive again in memory..

I mourn the passing by..
Only heard of it today..
Dearly departed...
Rest in Peace, oh friend..

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