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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Daffodils in Colors

Letting go, to grow wings..
To fly, these fields of loves grace,..
Spring is late;..

Lighting strike, sends sparkles..
Into the bosoms of hearts,..
Warmth restored, in blissful bliss..
Spring is late;..

But daffodils shoot colors..
Bright in yellows and whites..
Brewing in hearts..
Is an awaiting ecstasy..
In summer’s corridors,...
Spring is late!..

What joy, is to be had..
In T shirts and flip flops..
On summery sunny days..
Brewed, in springs kitchen..
Spring is here!!..


  1. Really enjoyed reading this. Very nice poetry. Your first stanza caught me with its beauty.

  2. Thanks Bernadine Appreciate ur comments


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