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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Why bleed on Jos

Yee men of the North..
Yee men of the South...
Which of you, stood firm on my toe?..

An answer demanded..
A libation to be poured..
I will take a child from ..
Capulet or Montague..
A revenge for my loss..

When was it when we were brothers?..
I ask of you, you who say lets shed blood in vain..
When we are brothers, of the same roots of ancestry..

This land was my passage to earth..
Told wonderful stories of it's beauty..
Dreams of journeyed self discovery..
There awaited in list before I die ..

Now I see the Muslin conquest..
And of the 1st, 2nd ; 3rd Crusade..
Of Saladin and the Kings of Europe..
Fought again in Jerusalem of Jos in Nigeria...
In a blink, bleak of faiths..
Of dia faith, was all there was..
And the King's men of governors..

Who seats in Senates..
Knew not How to resolve..
Humty dumpty's destitution..

I will burn your God's Church..
I will burn your Allah's Mosque..
Where you seek your last refuge ..

When was it when we were brothers?..
The same Ancestry you say?..
Which of it, is there to be?..

Be it of religion or of culture?..
Which of it, is there to be seen?..
For now the red mist surround ..
Turns with sight men blind..

And the Heaven's God and Allah..
And of ancestry ..
Seat and wonder why..
Blood is shed on fuss..

And the Saladins and Kings of Jos..
Say we do it for our faith and ancestry..
Shedding more blood in vain..

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