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Thursday, 4 March 2010

What Does It Matter

I walked past an old gravestone..
Over grown and uncared for..
I walked past a dozen times ..
Never before to stop and stare..

And then with sudden effect of wind blow..
I stopped myself and turned me to stare..
I saw two letters of a name..
A name that ends same as mine..

I pondered and wondered for..
What meaning it held 
I came up with none, none to think of 
How could there be a connection 

I saw a date older than time..
16 something to 17 something..
With writings in-scripted..
“You will be missed, missed with Love”..

Then I wandered If “I would be ..
Missed, missed with Love” when I am gone..
Then I wandered if “he is still missed, 
Missed with Love”..

How old will I be in death?..
Before t' wild grass is allowed..
To tarnish my place in resting peace..
Maybe I rather just be burnt on the stack..

And have my ashes blow in the winds..
No wild grass can touch me then..
Touch my wings in winds then ..
What does it matter, when I am gone..
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  1. dramatic... I love it

  2. will I still be missed with love? magic lines

  3. this is rather chilling...to see a grave and think of yourself...though very nicely penned kodjo...

  4. Thought provoking, and beautifully spoken.


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