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Friday, 26 March 2010

The Old Comedy Of Fought

In Bristol, on Gloucester road..
Further down, downwards..
Coming from the city centre,..
Then upwards it would be..

Don't go past the Archies..
For by then you've gone too far..
Not to worry, a quick turn..
Puts lights house, in sight for directions..

Past the girls school..
The Polish church..
The swanky new buildings..
Where once stood a glass building..

Not sure what it was for 
Made for, stood for, before..
Car showroom or something, before..

In character

But the last I saw of it..
Was in it, some art work...
In it's window.. 

Clearly for the streets

Mumbling words in telling..
By it self, it seemed to say..
With body language in knowing..
That its days are short and numbered..

Well it came to pass  
Short and numbered..
As the demolition men moved in 
Then it was no more

Just past there is the battle ground..
At old Jester's spot of old comedy club..
In harmony, in togetherness of humour..
In temperaments emotions of subtitle..

Discontent seen in sign language 
A swear word rains “parental advice”..
The establishment shall bring it forces...
Here-forth, henceforth on this day forthwith..

Hereby to uproot and de-throne 

The William Wallis of this time..
Chained in padlocks, in for the defence..
In for a penny, in for a pound..

Knights on horse back..
And on this day the crowd gathered..
Chants of Spartan, sporadic , eruption..
More came out of the woodwork after..

The passion was strong..
The battle half fought..
Bows and arrows against gun powder..
The establishment on a winning roll..

And old Monte-pillar of graffiti art..
Of which Bansky stood..
In high and mighty patronage..
Was to be no more;..

Tesco sat in the corner..
Of old Jester club, in comedy...

And I vowed never ever to shop there
In protest to what we lost 
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