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Thursday, 18 March 2010

My Shortfalls

My shortfalls,
Battling with principals..
Setting fire to wet paper,
Wet flammables ..

And  I am having to say 
Am sorry to love

How do I always, manage to do that..
To bring winter to summer's days ..
Apologies to the faithful..
When birds fly..
They know not where their faults..
Free falls drops..

And on Church days,..
 I hope my sins, 
"Bless me Father for I have;"
Are nothing more, no more
Than just stupidity..

Rather than a character flaw..
And stupidity, my stupidity..
Is just a momentarily glitch..
On my state of mind..

Intoxicated by the seduction..
Of wanting, not needing..
Found wanting in blurps in blips

Still, I lay out my penance..
For the offended offence..
My first steps climb to Everest..
Knowing under microscope..
No skin looks smooth...

And flawless, sinless,
Shameless, goodness beauty..
Is just what the naked eyes sees..
With assumptions..
Of what is perceived to be known..
And principals are without test..

My shortfalls ..
Battling with principals..
Apologies to you, 
For the offence offended
It is always with my shortfalls..


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