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Friday, 5 March 2010

Judging The Judge

Easy does it, is easy you say
Judging de Judge..

If he without sin..
Was to cast t' first stone....
Who would be..
The first in line, easy does it..

To air is human....
Early morning breaths,..
Breaking wind, burping...
Car pollution, factory pollutions..

bla bla bla bla bla...

Still I breathe oxygen 
Of it's air, easy does it ..
 Ignorance Is more than Bliss,...
Ieee! with easy to live.....

It is that which shields us from reality..
Beer goggles in parts..

Until t' fact is known ... We can all ignorantly 
Have a view, easy does it ......

Easy to judge from a distance..
Like watching the sun 

From earth's comfort...

While I am judged..
Who stands in line...
To willingly with easy judge you..

Please don't delay..
My last meals request..
I am in shackles on ends row...
With easy of breath, easy does it 
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  1. It's interesting that my association with the phrase, "easy does it," is from the American way of quitting the use of alcohol, Alcoholics Anonymous.


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