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Monday, 22 March 2010

For The Support

Akpe na Enyonam..
If I say, I appreciate your support..
It is nothing short of what words 

I cannot find to truly describe the vividness..

In capacity, in confidence, in say..

Of what weights of wings..
You carry me with..
Mine is well "Enyonam"..
Yes mine is well in deed  

For when I look back ..
To t' tree that sprung me in branches..
You are my STRONGEST life line 

Of believe, in roots that feeds me 

With confidence of support...
"Enyonam" and I know mine is well..
Yes mine is well, mine is well 

Enyonam mine is well indeed 

When all the church bells..
Have gone silence in tune 
Yours has rang so loud 

A thousand faint ones' were made obsolete.. 

Serge with such assurance..
Resounding to burgeon in me..
The resuscitation's beliefs "Enyonam"..
To carry on camping, as mine is well..

And when outsiders sing with delight..
Saying yours is with adoration 

" Enyonam" I know it is true..

Yes this is true, as my is well 

For from where charity begins,..
I hear the same melodies sang to me..
With passion so strong  ..
That acknowledges long before others 

To a Big sister treasured.."Enyonam"
For the love you give freely..
For t' pearl in your heart's warmth treasured..

As abundance of hope you give  

Thank you “Akpe nee” ..
And I know mine is well...
You are appreciated “Akpe na wo”...

For mine is well "Enyonam" 

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