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Sunday, 7 March 2010

With all there is and More

Spices in flavours and colours
Like bountiful candies, opportunities given
With Machines to assist ..
No labour a man should do..

With chocolates in variety in plentiful..
With roses in colours reds among them..
With shoes in design heels n shorts..
With clothes in sizes, styles among them..
No woman to be starved of indulging accessories..

With eyes so wide n opened..
With hearts so big...
With wealth in the hands of many...
With information so wide to share..
No child to be starved of feed..

With man a pride to hold...
With family his own to call...
With inspiration his to inspire...
No man to be without strive ...

With Love so abundant to share...
With mercy so full in hearts...
With empathy known by all ...
No Land to be with war...


  1. How beautifully put...there is abundance everywhere. Wonderful poem!

  2. smart expressions.
    love the image.

  3. Description that pops - along with a lovely photo. Like reading a feast, tasting a song...

  4. I enjoyed your wisdom. The last stanzas in this poem are quite moving.

  5. Nicely described and I've seen a shop selling those sweets here too!! Wonderful messages smartly put between the lines.

  6. Good one!!! Abundance around.. still so many deprived..who can understand!!

  7. a good measurement of time and life. an impressive word picture of yours. please have a good tuesday.

    daily athens

  8. I love how you mix the variety, availability and excess of sweets and spices with the reality of our 'human condition'

    Nice post.

  9. Really enjoyed this. Encouraging message at the end.

  10. Lots of perspectives, here. You offer much to consider.

  11. Lots of yummy stuff to enjoy in your poem! "Sweet" words, well expressed.

  12. Beautiful poem. Sweet, with much to savor!

  13. Wonderful! I wish that abundance would spread and create what you have shared here. Kudos!


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