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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Angels Walk

When I close my eyes
I see angels standing beside me
They guide me, they hold me safe

When I walk a mile
I see angels running beside me
They walk with me, foot print step by step they make

When I sleep the night
On the four corners of my bed
They stand guard, my holy, that's my fire wall

They guide me, like a convoy, protected, am safe now
This is my deliverance, I hear them, their whisper 
My worship, my stories told, it's a testimony  

Beside me; there is an angel, walking beside me
And he leaves, foot steps, foot prints
Hallelujah , he leave foot prints beside me

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  1. =)

    The existence of angels all around us, make it warm for us to walk our paths. Great poem. =)

    I've made an attempt at the the challenge myself, visit me when you free.


  2. i love, Love, LOVE this!

  3. Your poem presents an otherworldly feel where spiritual guidance is ever present and helpful to the speaker. Great sense of both comfort and gratitude throughout your lines. Well done, creative, Kodjo.

  4. nice...this is like a psalm...love all the angels...and yes they are there...

  5. oh i love the thoughts of angels walking beside and leaving footprints..i agree with brian, reads like a psalm

  6. A psalm it is indeed. Self revealing and self securing under the wings.

  7. There is so much hope in this Kodjo..one wants to feel that aye..

  8. This reminds me of the old saying, when you were lost, and you saw only one set of footprints, that's when I carried you * great take on the prompt x

  9. Angels as "my firewall" is quite an image.

  10. Love the imagery here, angels walking beside us... being my firewall... nice.

  11. WOWWW!! This really is a fantastic and refreshing take on this image prompt!! I loved the idea of angels walking side by side, and the footprints they leave... REALLY LOVELY!!!!
    Now I can stay rest assured that I will be guided well.. yaaayyy!

  12. Nice poem, thanks, Kodjo.

  13. Great poem. I know there are angels around us, because they've surrounded me all my life and I can see the footprints they leave all around me. This was wonderful Be blessed.



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