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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Caged Bird

Do not clip my wings
Cage my stride, with tied down 
Have me sat under house arrest 

You know not, absent inclinations 
How high I plan to fly
Migrating with the seasons 

My instincts drives me to break lose 
While my wing span 
Sits with frustration, how long now 

Plausible self sufficient to forage 
I need not your bread crumbs 
It taints and enslaves me, it dries my dietary

The sea holds my breadbasket 
The land hands me my nest to bread
And the seeds for pollination, they forest my farm 

Flight paths await my willing presence 
An entry, exit on run way take offs 
My elevations, bird eye views in seeing 

Sight of the landscape 
My heavenly gift pictured viewed 
Do not deprive me of earth scenes  

To keep me in cages, for your delight
Clip my wings and cut my nails
For mine is to fly, like a bird, a bird to fly


  1. Wow!! I am really running outta words!! :) really Nice!!

  2. Very nice. I wish to fly like a bird too.

  3. simply lovely writing here.

  4. I hope that you send your poetry to a publisher you are an exceptional poet.Simply lovely verse.

  5. Thank You so much for visiting and commenting on my blog.
    Your poetry is most excelent!


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