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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Cuddling a Teddy Bear

Cuddling a teddy bear
Roosevelt on adoptions 
Of the Corinthians 

When I was a child
So long, so far gone
In memories lane
Where mango trees, waited for my climb

I talked like a child
Alphabets and fantasies; happy ever afters
Nursery rhymes, and pica poo, babe dolls
G.I Joe's; cow boys and Indians

I thought like a child
To fly in shuttles to space and beyond
Star trek, and imaginary friends 
Obi-wan kenobi to the empire strikes back

I reasoned like a child. 
Candies that grow from trees
Holidays with schools out, yepeee
Ice cream vans are Santa's in summer

When I became a man
Tax and shelter, work to be paid
Debt to avoid, life is too short
Time on fly bys, time flies fast

I put childish ways behind me.
A few times burnt on complicated emotions
Reflective of life in lessons
Resolutions in lessons learnt

When I was a child
 I thought like a child

1 Corinthians 13:11


  1. Wow... impressive! I like this very much!

  2. put childish ways behind...

    what a smart mind.

    lovely entry,

  3. I liked the way you based this on the bible. I'm glad you didn't put your van away with your childish ways..debt to avoid is hard to do if you drive a porsche...cool van but mine's better:)

  4. Excellent take on the bible verse, Kodjo, very creative piece.


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