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Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday's Child

So we start again
The birth of a new week; Monday
The highs, the lows, the reluctant starts 

I am a Monday's child, the school bus que
Hence the name Kodjo, Ajao, Adwoa, Quajo, Kojo  
A Monday's child, name calling, roll calling; Kwadwo

But like the rest of them
The best of them,  with the Sunday's blues 
Oh, I hate Monday's car parking restrictions

But I am a Monday's child
So I put a lot more on my plate 
In self fulfilment, in self attainment

This time, this week 36 in hours and some
I will give to strive and traffic jam
Before my Saturday reach

Oh I hate Mondays
Like the feel of the shower 
Cold before entering    

As the week starts 
Oh Friday "are we there yet" 
But then mid week through

See me inside basking 
Loving everything else it brings
I am  a Monday's Child


  1. I love Mondays. Fresh start, new lists, looking through to Friday with excitement. When I was a student a lifetime ago, I detested Sunday nights. Perhaps that was my way of hating Mondays!

  2. wow, love the playfulness.
    delicate entry.


  3. hahah such fun in your writing! here's my potluck for this week: http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/08/04/here-for-you/

  4. beautiful quaint piece! thx for sharing

  5. Love the cartoon leading in to a fun poem.


  6. I love Mondays. I am always off, Wednesday is my Monday..........but I still love your poem!

  7. Nice fun read, very enjoyable!! :)

  8. I really enjoyed reading this! What fun!

  9. I love where the prompt took you, and I remember, before retiring, many days of looking toward Friday wondering if we'd ever get there.

  10. lol, nice, funny piece..satirical like...nicely done! Happy potluck! :)


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