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Friday, 28 January 2011

Off on Two

As apples fall off, on Newton's law
Rotten to free seed for germination
And man lands on moon, in a race to plant flags
I ask of "sin" what was his role played

The unsung hero he cries
'Yet my image for my life will be
Tarnished by what necessity requires
Of me in sacrifice to do'

And sacrificial lambs are made of the family
Of the man held a hero by society
If only quantum mechanics, could allow in reality
Standing in two places at the same time

Folded flags and medals on honour
Seats in pride of place
As currency of what was lost in trade off's
We are sorry for your loss; "moving on"

But I say as sin, I am the unsung hero
And what is more selfish, sinful, 
And selfless, giving, for giving
To live for one, or the benefit of all

Oh, does the end justify the means
And goodness takes credit for germination
Brightness, cleanliness and holiness
No dust talked of, on work in progress

Like the owner of the building
Taking the credit for the builders work
'Did I not tell you, I was the unsung hero
But for my life my name will be tarnished'

For what has to be done
What got moved, changed, sacrificed 
I am the sinful means
That got us here 

1 comment:

  1. This is such a deep philosophical treatise. You give an apt description on the role sin plays. Bravo!


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