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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

On Writer's Block

Sometimes I get tongue tied
Brain tied, caught in a smoke of fog
With no directional heads, like stage fright

Inspiration lost to the freak storm 
It blows me off course, at sea
And the stars have lost their way
Throwing tantrum, like my GPS on freeze
While Gypsies settle, and still demand to be called nomads
 Sometimes my mind just goes blank, like a blank sheet 

And wires plugged entangled are without power  
Of electric energy, they seat lifeless
Sometimes I am left with the writers block 

Bewildered, while ghosts lose their will to fright
On strike, on account of not being paid 
In the house of haunt, for work done

Sometimes I am bed tied, laziness, coziness, couch potato
Gather joy in indulgence, while still sat with frustration
Of the pondering mind, what can be done, what should be done 

This time the parrot is without words, 
Silence is bless, finally serenity 
Yet it seems all is not right, with tinkering minds 

And rain in rain forest becomes a rarity in the amazon 
Protesting on global warming, being taken for granted  
On too many scrambled papers thrown into the bin by conscience writers  

Some times, I am with the writers block
And the forest will hand me no more papers, on rationing 
To pen down my thoughts, set in abstract, on writers block

Still I sweat to deliver your daily dosage of
Enlightenment, poetry, demand a voice 
And my voice is to be the one heard, its a call

So sometimes I am left with the frustration of writers block 
While thoughts runs rampage in my head
Sometime it all just pours out, with no hold back  

Just when I think 
I am having a writers block 
What is that, a writers block? 
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  1. You painted the picture here so vividly, well written.

  2. Lots of comparative images here. I like it.

  3. Loved it.. Awesome..

    Someone is Special

  4. Relatable-for-many work, good images.

  5. i am pretty sure you just beat writers block with a stick...lol. great imagery...nice one shot...

  6. Very well written.

    I loved 'The parrot is without words..' So well said.

  7. Ah yes, I empathize. Sometimes i have lots of thoughts in my head, but no poem appears. (responding via Poets United) Well expressed.

  8. i like this - Still I sweat to deliver your daily dosage of

    that's how i feel sometimes with my blog, and there's all the other stuff you have to write.

  9. I love your take on this prompt! I also loved the line, "the parrot is without words"... Well Done~

  10. The comparison with stage fright is inspirational. Love it.


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