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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Shadows Of Love

On my shoes my canvas worn
On her shoes, her brown hills stood
Jeans and laces entangled is affinity 

Shadows of the sun
Sends reflections of our hearts
On wall's projections 

Shadows of our hearts
Holds no bound
None so of love

Shadows of our love 
Sets us into characters play
Moods, joy, fun of just being 

Shadows of our romance 
Beneath the surface of what is seen
This is what we truly are


  1. "Shadows of our romance / Beneath the surface of what is seen" Strong final lines built from a progression of prior shadows. Like how you begin focusing on their shoes too——expresses that affinity they share on equal footing so to speak. Great write, Kodjo!

  2. Their shoes being the first thing we see, lovely take on the photo kodjo x

  3. ..beneath the surface of what is seen..this was beautiful

  4. shadows of...nice...i like how you capture the moment first then dig deeper...nice take on the prompt...

  5. Shadows are always good subjects for pondering. good response to the prompt.

  6. Jeans and lace entangled, I love that line, it so fits the prompt. And the Shadows of our romance, says so much..Lovely poem today KD.

  7. Shadows can show more than we are willing to admit to ourselves or others...a sure giveaway, kind of like 'toe to toe'
    Lost Soul.LS

  8. "Shadows of our romance
    Beneath the surface of what is seen"


  9. excellent take on the pic !!


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