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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Five Daughters

The White Powder; Happy Dust
In support of :http://www.iceniipswich.org.uk/

I am alone, lost in a dark place
It is my love of life, t' brought me to y'r door step
It is the excitement you bring
That lured me into your seduction

Then at night;  scooch, you broke me in two
On addictions, my nostrils bleed, for your nose candy
You made me walk in the cold at night, junky all alone
You sold me for cheap, to the devil's wickedness 

It is my love of life, the need  for joy
That brought me, desperate to your door step
It is my love of life, that brought me here 
Here, onto scared unhallowed grounds 

While I watch conniption, my hysteria of loneliness 
In outer skin, out of body, seeing myself 
About to comatose in sensation  
Felt betrayed by your ghostly powder 

Left on the coroner's lonely cold table 
Stripped of  my dignity, to bare 
Long before being bisected by autopsy  
To be identified by family, as empty 

Your white powder, 
Stardust, white lady, robbed me
You robbed me of my life, 
You stole away my dreams

The following below is written by the family of: Paula Clennell
I want your head on my shoulder
I want to breathe you in and know that you are safe
I want to see your, feet up watching telly
I want to tell you, not to swear
Angel girl, come back to me

Written by: R.I.P Annette Nicholls
Me and my adorable man
Will one day walk hand in hand
Away from this place
For the rest of our days
For the rest of our lives
No more this, no more that
No more the other
Me and my brave, brave man
Nights in with the telly
Days out with the family
A walk in the park
See me the sister
See me the daughter
Perhaps in time, a wife
So Proud
See me , a mother.

The Five Murdered in 2006 by Steven Wright ;
Gemma Adams, Tania Nicol, Anneli Alderton
Annette Nicolls and Paula Connell
May their souls rest in peace 
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  1. 'My angel girl come back to me' oh this made me cry KD

  2. Nitty, gritty writes. Thanks

  3. dang...the parts by the families squeezed my heart...

  4. Powerful tributes to ones lost, angels in search of a love for life, too young, too inexperienced to pass by the addictions offered... too lost for love to help them find their way to a better doorstep, always tempted by their white candy.

    Sad that angels so young are lost so often.

  5. Excellent write and pulling together of family and loss..so vulnerable caught in the ugly web of addiction and lost to the world and those that loved them....your work is always so timely and filled with a deeper purpose...thank you...bkm

  6. Sheilagh Lee said:so sad this made me cry. Thank you for your work

  7. Oh! Heart-wrenching. I so understand this. Really well presented.

  8. Such a cold and callous act. Life extinguished by a cruel and evil man.

    Such a lifetime of sadness for their families.

    Thoughtfully written,


  9. I don't know of this situstion, but your words convey strong feeling. So sad.

  10. Wow, the sadness is gut wrenching; Well done the imagery was powerful~

  11. Tragic. We often seek comfort and company in what will ultimately destroy us. It's a very human tendency. Heart-wrenchingly written.


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