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Monday, 10 January 2011

In a Glass House

Living in a glass house
Cracks, creeks, impact about to shatter 
And I am left with questions, reflections

Who walks in the rain
Who walks through  webs
Who walks a thousand steps 
Who kisses a frog 

Without getting wet
Without having curb-webs attached
Without once wrong footing
Without getting wet lips

Who lives past age count
Who speaks words
Who points out
Who sees on sight

Without having sinned
Without once being foul, mouth
Without on occasion  misdirection
Without once seeing mirage, mist, rage

And my glass creeks
Cracks, shuttering 
On being human
To air and being at fault 


  1. Excellent, much wisdom here.............

  2. This is amazing! Truly one of my favorite poems today. =) I like the rhythm of it, the word choice... it's clever and beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing. =)


  3. Brilliant...and who never throws stone...;)

  4. YES YES! Such an amazing poem, love what its about. everything!

  5. we are all that...human...and living in a glass house you gotta expect a few cracks but it does not stop the pain...nice one shot

  6. kodjo,

    An excellent piece of writing. Life in glass houses, from inside and out...

    Best wishes, Eileen

  7. Imperfections and love make us human, whether we recognize that or not. Great work, Kodjo

  8. Never let go of your humanity.

  9. The words of a very wise man, you have my gratitude for gifting this wisdom to us all. At times the glass is so clear for us we rarely see it. Fantastic work!

  10. you left me thinking here kodjo, about our frailties...and to leave me thinking about the words a poem has to say means that the poem has done a fine job indeed...cheers pete

  11. It is all about the fine cracks K..;)OUTSTANDING POEM..:)

  12. Hi Kodjo

    Ah!!! so beautiful... Who kisses the frogs.. perfect. I enjoyed it so much.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  13. "And my glass creeks
    Cracks, shuttering
    On being human"

    At first I thought you said 'shattering' ~ shuttering is such a better choice. Love this!

  14. Excellent, sublime, all those words that denote perfection. . . :)

  15. Very cool! You are a talented poet.

  16. We all have those shattered experiences.. but hopefully we move on past this ~

  17. Your poem has great wisdom in it. At some point or the other our glass houses have to crack. We have to experience evil. But it is because we've been evil that we've also been good.

  18. beautiful poem, loved the way you likened our memories to glass and the painful ones shattering fragile glass. perfect.


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