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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Fair Goes

Fair trade, fair goes, here goes
Warranties and Goodfaith clauses
Cash money, cash card, bank balance
And gold bonds bought

Sir George Jessel
Sat next to Judge Lloyd
On steps of fairtrade
To the law of contract

I saw cartels, covering prices
Third parties wanting their rights
Quatari v. CPC 
On "Goodfaith" battles

Balfour Beatty v. DLR
Trying to outdo the middle man
Safeway v. Interserve 
On liability limits

Tweedle v. Atkinson
Left to tousle on third parties right
And the Judges rule, sat in thoughts
On double jeopardy

If we all match to the bank
Who will have their wealth
First come, first save, panic follows
The farmer, the sweat shop shirts

In trading places, 
Fair trade, warranties and guarantees 
Money is an illusion all in thin air
And it's better not best in fair trade

Best in pretence not to think about it
Headache follows, on ponder minds
I make jokes about it 
And thus you read about it

Had to write with my law exam revision in mind sorry peeps


  1. i always find it so difficult to tell - some may trade really fair - some don't...well said

    (stanza 7 - should it be thin air..?)


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