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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Meer Life

It is fear that makes us brave 
Eternity is not given to man yet
Few see, sat on flat top topography
That is why the meerkat stands on two legs

Simples, simples on tv adverts simples
And I am not gifted with the neck of a giraffe
The eye of the eagle, and the smell of a shark

But my senses are sharp, my instinct detect
My third eye in sixth sense, knows in my gut feelings
Before shut down on shatter and all is out for the taken

Sometimes I leave it to the had I known
Stupidity and regrets are words that exist for a reason
So some times I bite the bullet, a’ go dancing with the wolves

Barking mad at the moon, off with the wolves
Parting like a rock star, living it up, living it large
Swimming against the tide

Experience gives grounds to have word in know
What do you know, really what do you know
If without experience, what grounds to utter word

What do you know, call it an excuse
I am to be excused, excuse me while I strap my stuff
Ready to free fall, feel my nerves
Adrenaline is the epitome of existence

Let me wake, like dreams before impact of fall
So I can say I lived a life and survived to tell the story
And I did not cowardly stay away
Fear the rain will melt my soul

Wise enough to have left, before hypothermia
Got to the better of me
To have gained life experience
To have lived a life, I lived a life 


  1. So I can say I lived a life and survived to tell the story...........excellent poem!

  2. cute.

    you do have the authority to tell the story you wish to tell.

  3. Very true- "it's fear that makes us brave"
    Loved it!

  4. "And I did not cowardly stay way, fear the rain will melt my soul"

    I love this line and can imagine a brave soul! It's wonderful.


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