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Thursday, 13 January 2011

My Red Brolly On Strike

"You know the other day, 
Yea the other day" 
'Small talk, small talk non-sensible'

'Like I am to know the other day
How many other days past, in time past by
So anyway to humour the humourless
Indulge me in this here stories told'.. 

'I will stand down  off picket line to hear this
Away with words'; "Anyway the other day 
When rain pulled down the red shower curtains 
And left me with no towel in dry ups"

"You came to me, made me a promise 
To be my red shower cap
Then you went and broke a finger
Left spikes pointed out on danger zones"

"A small gust of wind that's all it took
Then you went and turned Judas on me
Went in side out and had me exposed
Left me to the mercy of the rain drop wash"

"Drenched to the", 'no not there', 
"Yea and all, on there, of there, in there
All wet like a wet blanket"

"Remember the other day? "
'Okay, ok case made 
Stories told, heard loud and clear'

'But to have broken my little finger 
Be bashed by the wind turned inside out
You showed no care'

'Left me,  ditched me, dropped me
In bin baskets, your shoes saw a cobbler 
And I saw the waste lands smell'

'Now you tell me of the other day 
This small talk non-sensible 
To have disrupted my picket line'

'To have broken my resting mind 
On this small talk of the other day
Now you protest on the other day'

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  1. a shower cap judas...some vivid and intense imagery in this...broken finger, ack...i can feel the frustration in your words...nice mag

  2. I like the part: You made a promise to be my shower cap

  3. come to poetry picnic week 7 this Sunday,

    week 7 theme: love and love lost.

    random piece are welcome too.
    thanks for the long time support.

  4. Very clever and entertaining! Great pics and imagery~


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