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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Off On One

If a tree falls in a forest and no one sees it
In time, one walks in the forest and sees no fallen tree
The age old question, of old clichĂ©
Then remains, did the tree really fall

If skeletons of dinosaurs were never found
Did they then have ever existed
"Killed" by nature's extent 
What of others not found yet

While man is said to be an evolution of monkeys
Who stopped the factory of change
Left monkeys in parallel worlds 
With humans in coexistence

Albert Einstein once  asked
If no one watches the moon
Is it really there

If this is the question in "surrealism"  then ask
If it is known today that atoms 
Are not the smallest indivisible particles

Yet with electrons, neutrons and protons
Then with protons comes 
K mesons, omega baryons
Pi mesons, electrons, neutrons
Just call them the particle zoo

In life, why are we still thought 
That atoms are the smallest particles of matter
And examiners, mark us right on "descent" lies

What is reality 
Is it what we see, 
On assumption calculated on choice
Of what our minds do show us in projections

What of the universe and 
What happens  to the gift of thought, soul
When I am no longer here
What happens to brilliant minds

What of ghost, levitation, illusion on magic
What is quantum mechanics
What is craziness

What secrets am I not being told
What does the other half of my minds holds
With fingers crossed behind on truth be told

I agree to live 
On the assumption of assumptions 
Made to normalise “reality”

My existence, my compromises to conform
To obey the laws of the land
But don’t ask me what is reality
I will just go off on one 


  1. Great questions. I guess reality is what the contemporary consensus says it is.

  2. Our realities are question-filled, are they not? Here's my 3WW bit for the week: http://www.kimnelsonwrites.com/2011/01/19/in-my-tucson/

  3. Sheialgh Lee said :Wow deep thoughts indeed .Great thought put into this poem wonderful!

  4. the blind see everything with a simple touch, a simple breath... a gesture one never knows who sees everything...

  5. Deep and thought provoking. Well done.

  6. It's all a mystery to me!

    Good questions.


  7. It's always fun discussing those kinds of questions with friends. I think it's a very sad world if nobody cares to look up into the sky.

  8. Great depth in this piece! Good work!

  9. love the questions asked in this.


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