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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Therapist and Priest

I am; and not the rain man
Am sinful and sinless 
It all depends 

You see I am Catholic
That means on Sundays 
I shed my loads, am holy

I am light now
Light weight, feathery feel
I am sinless 

That is the old religion, reserved for Sundays 
Today's priest are therapist  
Robe-less, shrinks 

Off loads, done in offices
On Freud couch, no temples
Confession boxes,"no holies" 

No Hail Maries
And Seven Our Fathers
The Lords pray

To forgive, to be forgiven
In butter trade, 
I make that fair trade

No one said anything about forgetting
How do I learn if I am to, with amnesia 
Basic instinct holds onto that part 

These days, its by the hour
He says none, be paid by the hour
And writes a bit, legs crossed, nods a bit

"Keep your ten percent on tithe 
I will make more from you by the hour 
And you can not hold me to my word on moral" 

"You making progress" 
He says, in few lines said
To keep me blabbing by the hour 

On weight gain and light feel
On worries and trepidation 
In search to find myself, charged by the hour 

And modern churches, are just the same
Same, same, same, they are just same 
Rather too keen on tithes I say 

I am sinful and sinless 
What's my religion, 
Well what day is it?


  1. It’s the day of new beginnings! Hallelujah and Three Hail Maries; tis the beauty of religion...sin and forgive. The only price paid is in the till when it passes by. I loved this poem; wonderful work! Cheers, Dave

  2. This is brilliant. I love your lighthearted take on religion. Well done, Kodjo.

  3. smart one..
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I agree...this is brilliant. I certainly understand the Catholic aspects of this. :0)


  5. Oh I loved the first 2 lines itself..so much
    'Am sinful and sinless
    It all depends '

  6. holy only on sundays!!! :p
    lol, enjoyable read...happy potluck!


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