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Friday, 21 January 2011

Drink Games

If I was a drunk, I did say 
Who is in; who's first, who's first to go
One shot, two shot, three shot
Happy Larry, tongue gone blurry 
Lardy lardy laa laaaaaaaaaaa

Who's got the party, get crushers 
I wanna dance with somebody, well hammered 
Some sambuka on cocktails, watch him
He's tail wagging, watch him, watch him

Typical me, typical Friday
Typical, drink, drink, drunk
One Shot, two shot, three shot,go Larry
Let me have my comatose 

Who is the one with
The projectile, spat
Sat on comatose, laa laa
Come on, one more  Larry 

Me name is Larry, hi Larry, me is a tanker
Pass me the vodka, shot, shot, shot
Hit me on the cider, add the shots now
Just another Friday night with a shot

Let me have my comatose
Waking with a hanger over, on morning break
Oh what a night its been, amnesia 
Repeat, repeat games on Saturday
Let me have my comatose

If I was a drunk

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  1. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! KD I saw the pix and promptly forgot the poem.have to go back and reread it again now. ugh eww.

  2. KD,
    I loved the pic.
    the wordings are complimenting the pic man.
    Good job :)

  3. He will probably get high or horny like hell if he drinks :}
    Nice poem, so realistic somehow. :)


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