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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Home Coming

Home is where the heart is
I am safe now, 

My backyard so;

# I am coming home
# I am coming home
# So go tell love, I am coming home
# I am coming home

I have been gone, for so long,  too long, on too-daloo 
Compasses used, run out of directions to point
So we replaced them, with the stars and carried on

 It has been, layers upon layers 
Like a tree trunk circles with history to tell
And it all sits inside, few see

What bad weathers left on us
We laughed it off, and carried on 
The journey is long, and long awaited 
And now I am indeed I am 

# I am coming home
# I am coming home
# Some body tell love, I am coming home
# I  am coming

These times past, feels like journeys,
Gone past yesterday, reset today 
The memories takes us, run around circles
Faces and acquittance comes and go, in turnover

Like yesterdays birthdays
Few things I did share with love ones
Not all stories are to be told
So we blackout  sentences

This is the making of a man
We had our blessing and left home
This is the transition on ceremony

 We grew wings and left the nest
We went out hunting, and making waves
We found reasons, in new seasons and paradigms 
We made sense of it all, and then finally

# I am coming home
# I am coming home
# Send words to love, I am coming home
# I am coming home

There are things in these wilderness
Not to be spoken off, on scouts honour 
They lark in stone throw branches nearby

And we know their presence, we feel their threats
This is not for the vulnerable, boots  that shivers 
We lost that long before this stage reached

No longer scared of the darkness
It is the route we have to walk through 
And when it's all done, over and done with 
Tell love I am coming home

# I am coming home
# I am coming home
# Go tell love, I am coming home
# I am coming home

To be greeted, by what we fought for 
There has been doubters, stood with acid rain 
And we've seen them off, like dominoes 
Brushed off, like fluffs brushed off our shoulders 

We float on sinkable
We walked bare foot on fire balls
Sat on the front line of free fall

There has been sorrow with friends and love ones
And we've shared their pain,and ours theirs
Now I am coming home, end lines reached we made it 

# I  am coming home 
# I am coming home
# Finally it stands that, I am coming home
# Tell love I am coming home

We are there now, we see the horizons 
Close by, two steps away now
And we finally made it
So I am coming home


  1. This piece has as many layers as those old tree trunk circles - the repetition of 'I am coming home, I am coming home..' really completes it..there are many fantastic lines -'so we blackout sentences' particularly sang to me..a fine balance between struggle and victory..Jae

  2. that was a swell poem! :)
    made me all warm and happy!!

  3. A bright poem with all levels of feelings as we live with him on his adventures and see him coming home. I particularly liked the compass running out of directions, the blacked out sentences, finding reasons and making sense of it all. Also the coming home repetitions tied it together beautifully. Excellent.

  4. This is so beautiful, so comforting and filled with hope! One of the most amazing takes I've seen on this prompt. =)


    Kisses. =*

  5. This is just beautiful! I loved the refrain which kept weaving itself throughout your poem - the whole of it was totally uplifting.

  6. the journey of a man, full circle coming home... the images are strong and endearing.... there is nothing like coming home after a long journey

  7. You really took off on this one! Lots of feeling and ideas layered here. Write on!

  8. Each stanza of your beautiful poem stands alone, strong and full of inspiration.

  9. a song of the journey to adulthood, well sung!

    thank you for participating at Poetry Jam.


  10. have a safe trip home.

    Happy New Year.

  11. I'm glad you lent your voice to the Jam this week.

  12. Homecoming .. so much to enjoy.

  13. This reads like it could be a beautiful song. I'd love to hear it to music, especially with drums!

  14. amazing home piece.

    make a contribution to us if you could, bless you.


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