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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Free verse, Money men

Shared with:  OneShotPoetryhttp://oneshotpoetry.blogspot.com/

Windows up, he is wind up, money not on trees
His wind up; he is, in after his paper count
Bundled up, wrapped up,stack up, decked up

His paper weight, paper thin
He said it's all about the money men
Wonga wonga, women, booze cash money men

See but we all about the game men
Game plan, set plan; strategies, strategized
We making inroads, head roads, this road

Sat on navigator's seat, sat, strapped up
It's monopoly, steady go, steady play
Call it real life monopoly, it's dice play

We've got cards, like get out of jail cards
Passs go, pass cops, pass courts
Lawyered up, case made on acquittance

We climb ladders,
To avoid snakes on free fall
Like bungee jump; we still safety strapped 

Seen; its not about the money
The coin count, cha, cha cha ching
Its all about the game, its monopoly
Real life board game


  1. And about ollecting you're £200 after you pass go ;) nice take hun x

  2. Nice! Your the first person to take the perspective of the "money man" ...wonga wonga The sound, wordplay, and repetition makes your points clear. Cool challenge response, Kodjo

  3. Most excellent cadance and repeating words set the tone of playin' that monopoly game. Nice take.

  4. Each to his own turn, a simple roll of the dice to determine the destiny... will you pass go.

  5. love the rhythms in this one.

    best regards.

  6. he does have the look of a man with a "pat hand"

    thanks for stopping by

    Peace, hp

  7. some people love the game...


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