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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Weekend Love

And I don't live by bread alone
Man shall not live by bread alone
I take tea with that, on that

I do two of that, sugar on spoons
Hot cho -cho -cho
Milk, with that

You know breads are dry
Like sticks called French
Is French stick dry, by the next day bite

Not French fries, in the States side
They once  called it
Freedom fries, irony in that

Ask the potato; one potato, two potato
If  they did rather be boiled or fried
Something to do with 
A rock and a hard place

In choices made
But for Saturday
I hang my stress

Take a breather, time out 
On rocks and the hard place post
Man shall not live by bread 
"stress" alone I say


  1. Well thank goodness for that :)

    I thought you might like to know I have awarded you a stylish bloggers award: http://understandingalice.blogspot.com/2011/01/how-nice.html

  2. as the day comes full circle from tea
    to the hard stuff on the rocks
    and the hard place post!
    (which definitely isn't bread or toast!!!)

    A fun write very enjoyable for the reader!
    Lost Soul.LS / MySpace


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