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Sunday, 2 January 2011

A Princess In Coney Island

Beauty of  the faceless seen on Coney Island
I saw a princess sat for a snap
Park rides, merry make, beach - fronts on seashore lines

Wondrous thoughts, wonders
Of what she thinks, in thoughts, she looks to sea
I am not to be, accustomed the privilege of know

To know her thoughts, what's her thought
Cloaked is her thoughts, her worries
Lay benign and unseen, this is a showcase

She is beautiful that is all there is
A fairy princesses on castle tops 
With long hair  that hangs and dangles

I am not to know her thoughts
Like a mother's worry
Unseen by a child's  need for love

I am only to assume, the best
Her eyes may give way
Send signals to uncover her mask worn 

I am not to see her eyes
Oh but, what colourful dress she wore
Even in black a' white background, it protrudes 

Oh what beauty she holds
Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boo, 
Captured in one take, such eloquence 
But I am not to see her eyes


  1. Such a nice poem, very descriptive, even the MM and BB mention. Now I think it would take a man to notice the likeness, it never entered my mind. tee, hee.

  2. You saw a lot in the unseen face...nice.

  3. Beyond a princess, your lines lead to mentions of a mother's worrisome love and masks of reality. Nice work, Kodjo. Happy New Year!

  4. Love the interpretation of this, you paint an intriguing picture of the passing stranger!

  5. Excellent take on the prompt. Nice rhythm to it, too.

  6. Lovely take on this lady of unkown face...bkm

  7. i think i echo others comments but yes you did see so much in an unseen face...was a wonderful image..happy new year and all the nest pete

  8. I can always count on you to see the unconventional beauty in a person or a thing. A lovely interpretation,


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