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Friday, 7 January 2011

Two Halves

I am of two halves
My thoughts, my sight
My feet, my directions, hold
Break twigs to become of two halves

I am of two halves, to have a dream of two men
Safe to take the lonely walk,
But not much life holds, in road's suite

Excitement and fear,
Becomes of adventures 
On option's grounds

So  do I walk the road of  plausible certainty 
Seat and wonder on dreams once had
Or choose to follow a passion
I am of two halves 

Choices on decision's paths chosen 
Haunted to reconsider like thinkers think
Nightmare of free-fall, still hold I back
Fear it holds of the unknown haunt

But this is my dream, my passion
Its in my blood, it is  what I am made of 
So I seat with dreams of two men 
Two halves, and calling

And hope to nest of two birds
Because I am made of two halves
I seat with the dreams of two men
And wish to see my dreams come true 

Note: I love poetry and I work as a construction commercial manager/ project manager
that is where the poem is coming from, the metaphor of two halves, which I think James Rosenquist can relate to
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  1. May your soul be whole
    Be those halves nearer
    As can't go down the hole
    The spirit of the seaker

    Sorry, I can't do better at the moment :)

  2. Intriguing take - I like the feeling of being two halves...

  3. i really enjoyed this...i think we all have different parts to us...and your word play was well done esp in the last stanza...

  4. I like the two halves take on your life in poetry... Well done

  5. I think most of us have twins of separate dreams at birth. Loved the piece. Very heady. I like being challenged.


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